// Katie & Tyler

// Taaaa daaaaa!!!  The official Liz for Andria Lindquist blog is up!  What do you think?  We’re pretty excited about it and I cant wait to put up all the new work I’ve been shooting lately. //

Speaking of new work, I’m pleased to introduce to you, Katie and Tyler.  Two people I knew from the moment we laid eyes on each other that we would know one another for a long, long time.  It’s amazing what happens when you trust someone.  That’s when beautiful imagery is made possible.  That breezy day in Seattle was exactly what I strive for with all my couples.  Letting go, trust, laughter and amazing light.  They gave me what I needed and in turn I give them this…

katie and tyler katie and tyler katie and tyler katie and tylerKatie_Tyler_Eng_104katie and tyler katie and tyler katie and tyler katie and tylerKatie_Tyler_Eng_116katie and tyler Katie_Tyler_Eng_064Katie_Tyler_Eng_091 Katie_Tyler_Eng_065Katie_Tyler_Eng_103katie and tyler katie and tyler Katie_Tyler_Eng_070 Katie_Tyler_Eng_072katie and tylerKatie_Tyler_Eng_098katie and tylerKatie_Tyler_Eng_066 Katie_Tyler_Eng_076 Katie_Tyler_Eng_078Katie_Tyler_Eng_119 Katie_Tyler_Eng_079katie and tyler Katie_Tyler_Eng_080 Katie_Tyler_Eng_085Katie_Tyler_Eng_107Katie_Tyler_Eng_110katie and tylerKatie_Tyler_Eng_123 Katie_Tyler_Eng_087 Katie_Tyler_Eng_089Katie_Tyler_Eng_100Katie_Tyler_Eng_067 Katie_Tyler_Eng_096

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