Megan & Todd

I never expected to show up to an engagement session in Seattle and be received so warmly by two people who also had not one, but TWO bottles of champagne ready for me.  I mean……it was the best thing ever.  In fact, I might just need to start bringing champagne to all my engagement sessions.  Uh-mazing.

We poured some glasses, watched the sun set and laughed our asses off.  They didn’t mind when I asked them to walk through the wild flowers or sit on the wet grass or put their feet in the cold water.  Meanwhile, I ran around in a very large, obnoxious white coat and stayed warm.  Sacrifices, you know?  It’s a hard photo life I lead, but someone’s gotta do it.

Is it September yet?  I’m ready for more champagne and more laughter…..and more Megan and Todd.  I always want more Megan and Todd.

Lie_Laf_Eng_095.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_069.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_032.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_096.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_063.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_056.jpg Lie_Laf_Eng_055.jpg Lie_Laf_Eng_048.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_067.jpg Lie_Laf_Eng_043.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_022.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_062.jpg Lie_Laf_Eng_040.jpg Lie_Laf_Eng_037.jpg Lie_Laf_Eng_035.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_061.jpgLie_Laf_Eng_086.jpg Lie_Laf_Eng_023.jpg

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