Johnna and Horacio // An Elopement in the City // Seattle

Sometimes you come across a couple because you met through mutual friends or work colleges and sometimes you meet because they looked for you.  They sought you out, saw what you were about and chose you to photograph one of the most important days of their lives.  In fact, when I really think about it, Johnna, Horacio and I chose each other.  

Documenting what I do is not just a “Hi, are you available on ___ day?  Yes?  Great. Let’s do this,” kind of thing.  It involves trust and chemistry.  The relationship that unfolds based on a great connection is everything and quite frankly, I couldn’t have it any other way.  I want us to laugh, I want us to try things, I want us to feel like we’re each other’s people.  Making sure that connection is there is what makes beautiful photographs.

On this particular, not so traditional day, I joined Johnna and Horacio in Seattle for a perfect elopement.  People clapped and stared as we roamed the streets together.  It felt like everyone was out to see them.  It was….magical.

Whi_Dua_Wed_008.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_009.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_011.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_026.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_034.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_040.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_042.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_044.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_046.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_123.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_056.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_129.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_059.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_061.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_072.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_150.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_074.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_079.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_081.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_062.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_095.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_096.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_103.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_084.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_131.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_108.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_133.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_143.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_149.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_111.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_153.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_090.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_159.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_160.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_167.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_170.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_171.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_176.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_186.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_196.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_208.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_173.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_209.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_211.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_220.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_231.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_235.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_161.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_245.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_246.jpgWhi_Dua_Wed_221.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_251.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_256.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_264.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_277.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_281.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_285.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_288.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_292.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_297.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_300.jpg Whi_Dua_Wed_310.jpg

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